Passion and Beauty: an Authentic and Exclusive World-class Tango Experience

  • Experience an evening of charm and sensuality at one of the most exclusive Tango venues in Buenos Aires

We invite you to experience a night of passion, charm, and sensuality as you enjoy a world-class exclusive Tango experience at Gala Tango.

This is one of the most exclusive Tango shows in Buenos Aires and has been enjoyed by great artists from around the world, including Madonna, Sting and Andrea Bocelli. The show also includes a brief but exciting display of some unique features of Argentine folklore.

Located on a small cobblestone street in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo, Gala Tango is beautifully decorated with French-style architecture reminiscent of the 1930s. The building’s high ceilings and crystal chandeliers will make you feel as though you have traveled back in time to the “Golden Age of Tango,” while the small size of the theatre ensures a more exclusive experience than of regular tango shows.

Tango is a fundamental part of Argentine culture, even Pope Francis said that Tango “lives deep inside me, I often danced it in Argentina as a young man.” Tango is a universe in itself as it portrays music, dance, singing and poetry. When it was born, it was radically different from any dance that came before it, largely because it introduced the concept of improvisation.

At Gala Tango you will enjoy seeing world-class singers, musicians, and dancers (two winners of the 2013 Tango World Championship were dancers of Gala Tango!) and for those interested in learning a few Tango moves, there’s even a Tango teacher before the show with whom you can try some basic steps for yourself!

You’ll be treated to the sounds of traditional Tango and folkloric instruments by the show’s outstanding musicians. One of the highlights is Rodolfo Ruiz playing his “charango” (a folkloric string instrument made from an armadillo shell). Mr. Ruiz is so talented that he has even played for the Pope at the Vatican! You will also hear a central instrument to any tango orchestra: the bandoneon, which is renowned for the beauty of its sound, and for its remarkable and expressive range and flexibility.

The Argentine folklore bit of the show includes traditional costumes, and a mesmerizing boleadoras show performed by the show’s very own gaucho! A gaucho is the Argentinean equivalent of a North American cowboy and the boleadoras is a traditional throwing weapon used by gauchos designed to capture animals by entangling their legs.

After an enchanting and memorable exclusive evening of tango and folklore, you’ll return to your hotel.

Difficulty: none.

Duration: the show lasts approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes (of which around 20 minutes is the folklore show).

Guide: this is not a guided tour.

Vehicle: group vehicle. The pickup time is usually between 7:30 and 8 PM, and return time after dinner and the show is usually around midnight.

Includes: dinner with non-alcoholic beverages & wine.