An Exquisite Welsh Tradition: Tea Time at Gaiman Village

  • A very classic 5 o’clock tea at Gaiman Village

You’re cordially invited to experience a little taste of Welsh life, in the picturesque town of Gaiman, the cultural center of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia.

This quaint and charming town appears to have been arrested in time: streets with irrigation ditches watering trees not native to Patagonia, and buildings brought in from faraway lands - such as chapels constructed by the Welsh upon arriving to Patagonia in the 19th century. Added to this seemingly age-old land, there are customs that have been brought into this hamlet from afar: such as the traditional Welsh tea, prepared according to ancient customs that give it a unique flavor and perfume; all accompanied by delicious cake. One of Gaiman’s most prominent visitors came to this region of Patagonia in 1995: Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, was there to enjoy a leisurely 5 o’clock tea.

After you have enjoyed the Welsh tea and cake, you will leave Gaiman feeling as though you have truly had a little taste of Wales, in what has become over time one of the most important Welsh communities in the world outside of the UK.

Important: this tour is conducted on the same day as your Punta Tombo’s Magellanic Penguins tour.

Important: the tour’s exact itinerary and duration may change subject to weather conditions and decisions of the tour guide to optimize your tour experience.

Difficulty: none.

Duration: approximately 1 hour. This tour is done on the same day you do your Punta Tombo’s Magellanic Penguins tour.

Guide: group guide.

Vehicle: group vehicle.

Includes: Welsh tea with cakes.

Photo credits: some of the photos above were provided by Sneibrun Fotografia. Thanks for helping us with some of these awesome photos!